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DS One Performance FRONT Rotors 305mm DS1-781770 / 14-20 FIAT 500L FRT


SKU: DS1-781770

DS-One provides excellent braking power under all driving conditions. DS-One offers robustness and sturdiness for pickups, minivans, and towing heavy loads and presents a refined portrait for daily-driven sports cars. The high-efficiency brake rotor is carved to make the braking system strengthier and safer for a smooth stop at every pedal push. It is also made to be more stable and efficient with improved wet weather performance. DS-One free from emergency braking, downhill hauling, repeated halts, and vibrant driving conditions. DS-One brake rotors outperform even after a furious braking experience and repeatedly demonstrates lower temperatures than OE rotors.


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14-20 FIAT 500L FRT

  • Bidirectional Slot: DS-One brake rotors with bidirectional slots extend braking performance. These slots eject hot gases produced by the friction from the disc surface, dissipating heat and decreasing the risk of disc deformation from overheating. They allow maximum contact between brake pads and rotor by removing brake dust particles from the brake’s moving surface.
  • Black e-coating: It gives a perfect look and anti-corrosion shield to all hidden frictional surfaces. Dipping and baking give bonded and uniform finish. Unlike spray-painted coatings, black e-coating withstands destruction from solvent type brake cleaner.
  • Precision Drilled: Brake rotors are precision drilled for unusual heat dissipation. Their application-specific design allows the rotating disc to cool quickly and more evenly with increased air circulation. These brake rotors carry less heat to different braking system parts. Their feature permits water to evacuate through built-in channels to increase wet weather performance. The unique design improves brake pad life under normal driving conditions.
  • G3000 Cast Iron: Brake rotors are manufactured with G3000 cast iron to match a 1.25:1 tensile and hardness ratio for improved stability, durability and resistance. They are developed in high-quality manufacturing facilities to meet the automotive industry IATF 16949 Quality Management System.
  • Uncoated Braking Surface: It is provided for a faster break-in period, allowing levelled braking performance right out of the box. It prevents accumulated corrosion on the uncovered friction braking surface.
  • Bidirectional Design: The unique design of brake rotors make installation easy on both sides of the vehicle, without any need for corrections or special equipment.
  • Optimal Vane Configuration: The vane configuration design and quality meets OEM equipment specifications for powerful strength, providing an excellent cooling performance.
Discard Thickness (IN) 1.004
Discard Thickness (MM) 25.500
Inside Diameter (IN) 7.598
Inside Diameter (MM) 193.000
Mounting Bolt Hole Quantity 5
Nominal Thickness (IN) 1.104
Nominal Thickness (MM) 28.050
Outside Diameter (IN) 12.008
Outside Diameter (MM) 305.000
Overall Height (IN) 1.801
Overall Height (MM) 45.750
Rotor Type Conventional
Solid Or Vented Type Rotor Vented
Surface Type Smooth
Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter (IN) 3.858
Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter (MM) 98.000
Wheel Bolt Holes 5
FIAT 500L 2014-2020
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Weight 9 kg
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DS One


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